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Lecturer in Visual and Analytic Computing

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Lecturer in Visual and Analytic Computing
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Aidan is a researcher and lecturer in the giCentre. He is interested in the design and application of information visualisation for presenting and helping make sense of data, particularly for data that are spatial and temporal.

His work involves designing, creating and applying static information graphics (often map-based) and exploratory interactive techniques that facilitate exploratory visual analysis. He designs and applies these techniques in a variety of application areas including insurance, population, human movement, animal movement and ecology.

He has a background in Geography and GIS, holding a BSc (Hons) in Geology (Edinburgh), an MSc in GIS (Edinburgh) and a PhD in GIS (University College London).



Recent news

June 2014: I was invited to a Geometric Algorithms in the Field workshop at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, The Netherlands. The workshop brought together researchers in computational geometry, GIS, visualisation, robotics and surface/volume and allowing us to form cross-discipline research collaborations.

June 2014: My paper Designing an Exploratory Visual Interface to the Results of Citizen Surveys with Jason Dykes (colleague), Jo Wood (colleague) and Robert Radburn (Leicestershire County Council) has just been published in the International Journal of GIS. It presents, justifies and discusses an interactive visualisation design for allowing citizens to explore the results of a council survey. Play with the original applet here.

April 2014: Our TSB grant proposal "FareViz", for which I am a co-investigator, has been funded. The project will look at discrepancies in train fares across the UK and is a collaborative effort between City University (Machine Learning Group and giCentre), Placr, RailEasy and Digital MR.

April 2014: Our project Using multi-level multi-source auxiliary data to investigate non-response bias in UK general social surveys, for which I am co-investigator. has been funded by ESRC. The project will be led by the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys and will explore the extent to which non-response rates can be predicted from other data sources.

March 2014: Our EU-funded FP7 proposal VALCRI has been funded. The project is about visual analytics for sensemaking in criminal intelligence analysis. We are one of the 17 partners from around Europe for this 44 month project led by Middlesex University.

February 2014: I'm co-organising a workshop on Visually-Supported Reasoning with Uncertainty at GIScience in Vienna in September. Alan MacEachren (Penn State University) and Edzer Pebesma (University of Münster) have kindly agreed to give keynote talks. Please consider submitting something and attending to take part in the planned discussion groups.

December 2013: Rafael Henkin has just started his PhD here, working with me and Emiel van Loon (University of Amsterdam) on linking statistics and visualisation to animal movement data and questions.

December 2013: My paper Visual Analysis of Social Networks in Space and Time using Smartphone Logs with Roger Beecham and Jo Wood is now published.

November 2013: I gave a talk about visualising moving object data as one of the giCentre contributions to our "Great ideas for visualising data" session City Unrulyversity along with Jason, Sarah and Rick. This initiative brings audiences from some of London's newest and most innovative technology companies together with academics from City University London to exchange new ideas in a stimulating and informal environment.

October 2013: I attended IEEE Vis in Atlanta at which two coauthored pieces of work were presented: An Extensible Framework for Provenance in Human Terrain Visual Analytics (presented by Rick, Middlesex University), Creative User-Centered Visualization Design for Energy Analysts and Modelers (presented by Sarah).

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Some examples and demos

Video demos on the giCentre Vimeo Channel

London bike hire graphs: last 24 hours of usage compared to last week and for any day since mid-August

OAC maps: rectangular cartograms of UK demographics and separate maps for each postcode.

Place Survey: explore the Place Survey results for Leicestershire.

Responsive Legends for Aerial Photographs: demo of a map legend for an aerial photograph that is responsive to zoom/pan.

Tag map mashups: Mashups of point-based spatial data of British placenames

Seasonal climate forecasts: Climate forecast data in Google Earth (awarded a prize by Google):.

Exploring Design Decisions for Effective Information Visualization: tutorial with software.



Key publications

See full list.

Slingsby, A., Beecham, R. and Wood, J. 2013. Visual Analysis of Social Networks in Space and Time using Smartphone Logs Pervasive and Mobile Computing 9 (6), pp848-864. [details]

Walker, R., Slingsby, A., Dykes, J., Xu, K., Wood, J., Nguyen, P., Stephens, D., Wong, W. and Zheng, Y. 2013. An Extensible Framework for Provenance in Human Terrain Visual Analytics Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 19 (12), pp2139-2148. [details]

Slingsby, A., Dykes, J. and Wood, J. 2011. Exploring Uncertainty in Geodemographics with Interactive Graphics. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 17(12), pp2384-2391 [paper]

Dykes, J., Wood, J. and Slingsby, A. 2010 Rethinking Map Legends with Visualization. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 16(6), pp890-899 [pdf | video] Honorable mention

Wood, J., Dykes, J., Slingsby, A. 2010. Visualization of Origins, Destinations and Flows with OD Maps, The Cartographic Journal 47 (2) pp117-129. DOI:10.1179/000870410X12658023467367 [pdf]

Slingsby, A., Wood, J. and Dykes, J. (2010) Treemap Cartography for showing Spatial and Temporal Traffic Patterns, Journal of Maps, v2010, 135-146. DOI: 10.4113/jom.2010.1071 [pdf | demo].

Slingsby, A., Dykes, J. and Wood, J. 2009. Configuring Hierarchical Layouts to Address Research Questions. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 15 (6), Nov-Dec 2009, pp977-984 [pdf | video] Honorable mention

Wood, J, Dykes, J., Slingsby, A. and Clarke K. 2007. Interactive visual exploration of a large spatio-temporal data set: reflections on a geovisualization mashup. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 13 (6), pp1176-1183, November/December 2007. [pdf]