Computer Graphics Links
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Institutions and Organisations

SGI - official web site of SGI.
ACM SIGGRAPH - official web site.
OpenGL - official site of OpenGL.
DirectX Developer Center - Microsoft's official home site about DirectX.


Theory and Documentation

Online Graphics Notes - general graphics resources.
Computer Graphics & Animation - information about many fields of computer graphics.
Computer Vision - books, papers and other documentation on computer vision.
Theory of 3D Computer Graphics - a book about 3D computer graphics.
What is Computer Graphics? - by Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics.
Bibliographies - a list of Bibliographies on computer graphics and vision.


Examples and Tutorials

Game Tutorials - a variety of C, C++, Win32, DirectX, OpenGL tutorials.
Ultimate Game Programming - tutorials in C, C++, MFC, OpenGL, DirectX, etc.
Lode's Computer Graphics Tutorial - a list of computer graphics tutorials.
Real-Time Computer Graphics Tutorials - various interesting real-time computer graphics tutorials.



Graphics Sites on the Net - computer graphics sites.
3DLinks - a number of 3D links.
Historical Paintings and Computer Graphics - a page about computer graphics and historical paintings.


Last updated: February 25, 2007