Department of Computer Science

Andrew MacFarlane

Reader in Information Retrieval

Photo of Dr Andrew MacFarlane Dr Andrew MacFarlane
Reader in Information Retrieval
Room: A304E
Department of Computer Science
School of Informatics
City University
London EC1V OHB
tel: +44 20 7040 8386
fax: +44 20 7040 8584

Andy is a Reader in the School of Informatics at City University, and currently co-directs the Centre of Interactive Systems Research with Prof Stephen Robertson of Microsoft Research Cambridge. He got his PhD in Information Science from the same Department under the supervision of Prof Robertson and Dr J.A. McCann (now at Imperial College London). His research interests currently focus on a number of areas including parallel computing for information retrieval, disabilities and Information Retrieval (dyslexia in particular), AI techniques for Information Retrieval and Filtering, and Open Source Software Developement. He is the Chair of the BCS Information Retrieval Specialist Group and is a long standing member of that SG. He is the principle investigator for a project funded by the TSB entitled "PhotoBrief" and is also a co-investigator for the SocialSensor project.

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